Corvette Reunion I 2013

August 24th, 2013  Saturday We had a great day at the track today! Thank’s to those who arrived for the Car Show and the Track Time. The Track Lap lead-and-follow was something new we tried and it seemed to be a hit. Using the Track radios to do the driving tour was fun for us! These are the pictures I took of everyone. Vette-Peoples-Choice-08269 Vette-Mayors-Choice-08270 Vette-08248 Vette-08250 Vette-08251 Vette-08252 Vette-08256 Vette-08257 Vette-08260 Vette-08261 Vette-08264 Vette-08267 Vette-08268 And the High Resolution Pictures in front of the Klatt Garage!       For any additional information please call George Anderson                   402-461-8031 or email me or for faster service  contact me at my cell email Come for Guardrail Club Day Friday, Friday night Street Drags and Southeast Community College Engine Building Competition Friday evening during the Drag Racing event.   It’s so easy a Caveman can do it! Hit LOGIN then Click on Register for an Account Participant information on you…Fill in the details! ….hit Next Forms fill in the person to contact when you are here if we need family! Hit Next Forms fill in your driving information on the car and your experience etc. Hit Next Coupons (only code for current Guardrail Club Members) Hit Next Discount N/A Summary will let you know about RV locations Hit next Payment Load the Credit card info Hit Next Check out and MPH grabs your cash!