September 20-21-22, 2013

Results – More to follow 9/23/13 6PM


Top Horse  #17 Kevin Rost

Stock -Top Pony  #22 Todd Soderquist

Modified – Top Pony  #9 Gary Gaspar

Modified-Outlaw – Top Pony  #17 Kevin Rost

Race – Top Pony  #466W Wayne Manor

SN-95 Top Pony  #8 Darren Brewer

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Gary getting ready for the 2013 Mustang Roundup and Boss Reunion!

Gary getting ready for the 2013 Mustang Roundup and Boss Reunion!

c-Mustang roundup Register On-Line Here Register by Fax or Mail Read the Deatils Here before registering The Mustang Source Forum updates Ford Motor Company Facebook Roundup Page   Welcome To Track-Guys & VMP-Superchargers-2013 Info Call George 402-461-8031 or Need an RV Spot while you’re here? Mustang Roundup 2011 Pictures Mustang Roundup 2012 Pictures It’s so easy a Caveman can do it!

Hit LOGIN then Click on Register for an Account Participant information on you…Fill in the details! ….hit Next Forms fill in the person to contact when you are here if we need family! Hit Next Forms fill in your driving information on the car and your experience etc. Hit Next Coupons (only code for current Guardrail Club Members) Hit Next Discount you will get $20 off until 7/1/13 Hit Next Summary will let you know about RV locations Hit next Payment Load the Credit card info Hit Next Check out and MPH grabs your cash!

Guests with drivers can pay for additional Saturday Night BBQ at the track $20 just like the registered drivers can pay for Street Drag Racing for $30 Cash at the track. Car show participants can pay $30 to Run the Drags too!

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How to register two drivers using same car

How to register two drivers using same car