Renting the Track for an AutoCross Event

Motorsport Park Hastings has a One Mile Circuit that’s just right for an AutoCross. We can offer a fun 1/2 day of AutoCross Challenges for your drivers. 

  You don’t need any special Road Course License to participate. You may just arrive and then drive after our orientation drivers meetings. You must be 18 and have a valid drivers license to participate.

  Our AutoCross events are designed to be lower speeds but thrilling to participate in. You will run on our Road Course One Mile Circuit featuring four challenging left and four more challegining right turns along with tons of AutoCross Cones to navigate through. Can you do it without a cone penalty?

  These events can be offered on days we have available that fit your schedule. 

   An economical way to have fun and drive your car the way it wants to be driver!

   Please call George 402-461-8031 or email