Street Drag Racing 2016

Next Date 5/27/16

Gates open 6:00 PM Racing 7:15 – 9:45 PM 5$ Spectators and $25 Racers




 5/13, 5/27, 6/17, 7/1, 7/2(Sat) 7/22, 8/5, 8/19, 9/23, 10/7, 10/14  Fridays &

                   7/1 (Fri) & (7/2) Fri Night Races & Sat Night BBQ/ Mid-Summer Shoot Out & Racers Party.

Auto Outlet (GI)          Klatt Motorsports     Gessford Machine    Tracy’s Muffler & Lube (GI)    Smitty’s Electric

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Why no Burnouts?  Our Track asphalt contains a special polymer Binder for Road Course Traction and heat damages it. The gravel aggregate in the top lay of the asphalt was screened three times to make the track best for road course slicks. If you look at the asphalt on the track and compare it with the parking lot you will see the differences. Will burnouts ever be allowed on this special asphalt compound?  NO.

Why no NOS? Our Insurance guidelines provide our insurance company with a given set of rules we will follow.  Our rates for the events are based on these guidelines. Could NOS be allowed? NO!

Why no Convertibles?  Our insurance coverage is based on a set of guidelines for street legal vehicles. Could convertibles without approved roll bar or cage be included? No!

Why no passengers?  Again we have our insurance to consider and a passenger who has no control over the actions of the driver adds to the liability of both the driver and the facility. Passengers will not be allowed with wheel-to-wheel grudge racing.

Taylor & Buck Concessions available at every event.  Bring the Kids

2014 Pictures

  Night Drag Video 4-24-14

 Night Drag Video 4-25-14

Night Drag Video 4-25-14

 Night Drag Video 4-25-14

 Pictures 9/27/13

All Good at MPH 9/27/13 - Thanks to all the Drag Racers!

All Good at MPH 9/27/13 – Thanks to all the Drag Racers!

Pictures from 9/6/13

Way cool Cars

Way cool Cars

Drags-Oct-2013-773                                           Pictures from 9/6/13

Pictures from 8/23/13

Pictures from 8/2/13

Race Video from 7/5/13 Watch it here on Youtube

Pictures from 7/5/13

Night Drag Sponsors 2013

  CarsCarsCarsCarsCarsPits - Watching the racesCarsPits - Watching the carsRacingGreat night to watch Drag Racing Racing