2014  Enduro Races

Next MPH Enduro is October 11th, 2014

May 3-May 4  http://www.chumpcar.com/ MOTORSPORTS PARK HASTINGS: 12+6 Hour “Kool-Aid & Kool-Kars

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 BREAKING NEWS 10/23/13 …John Condren the Chief Chump called today and reserved May 2/3/4th 2014 for thier 2014 event (not June 28th now).  Friday Tech/Registration/MPH Testing.  Saturday 5/3 8AM-8PM and Sunday 5/4 9AM-3PM Enduro twins! Our current 8 Hour Cars will be allowed to run in this new ANNUAL weekend event with ChumpCars!   Fuel will be allowed up to 15 gallons during their 5 Minute Pit Stops. Minimum of three drivers that can run maximum of 2 hours at a time with at least 1 hour off between driving.   This is great news for our MPH Enduro drivers! More information to follow and ChumpCar will announce this by the weekend on their website! They asked to lock in this Annual Date well into the future too!

Includes May 3rd (12 hrs) & 4th(6 hrs)  (Now ChumpCar) and October 11th(Our 8 Hour Event).

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 MPH 8 Hour 2014 Guidelines coming soon.

Only tentative change will be fuel cell size can increase.

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                                                Round Three Finishes:

1:52 Winners

1:52 Winners


8HR-09074 8HR-09076

1:52 2nd Place


1:58 1st Place


1:52 3rd Place


1:52 4th Gets 1:58 2nd Place Trophy (Late Model Magic)


3rd Place 1:58 (Winner of most Penalties)

8HR-09074-1 Round Two Finishes: 1:52 Class 1st- #2 Team Dexter 223 Laps  2nd- #28 Team Boesen 222 Laps 1:58 Class 1st #4 Team Hughes 222 Laps   2nd #U-91 Team Moss 216 Laps Pictures from 7/6/13 Round Two 2013 StartTeam Unit 91Team 4Team Unit 91 Team 2 Wins 1:52 ClassTeam 4 Wins 1:58 Class