The Stables

Opening June 2017  6-Plex Enclosed private garages in the Paddock.

Garage Layout and details:

  • 12′ x 24′ floor size. Smooth flat finish so you can use scales for your car.
  • Versatile smooth Roll-up garage door
  • 110 V 20 AMP (4) plugins back and (2) front (accommodates up to 4 bikes – tire warmers)
  • Bright lighting inside so you can work on your cars and bikes
  • Pricing for Race Weekends, weekdays between events & longer term seasonal periods.
  • Starting for Cars at $300 Cash/Check or $325 CC  (Minimum event rental price)
  • Starting for Bikes (Max 4) at $150 Cash/Check $165  CC (Minimum event rental price)
  • Leave your car at the track between events or Winter long-term – contact the track
  • Units have Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
  • Private Garages are locked when not in use and unlocked as rented for short-term events.

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