GS101 Full Throttle Driving Schools. Coming in 2014

Our 2014 tentative Dates for non-event related driving Schools:

Track Event Schedule 2014     GS101-Registration-2014

April 19th (Saturday)  May 9th (Friday), June  20th (Friday) Aug 15th (Friday).

Must be minimum 18 years old and have a valid drivers license

Viper Rendezvous, Corvette Reunion and the Mustang Roundup all have their own driving schools related to the event. You can take GS101 prior to any of those events and become a qualified driver in advance.

What does being a qualified driver allow you to do at MPH

NASA has HPDE’s available at their events too.

MPH Schools in 2014 start at $350 with a group school on dates listed above or $500 with individual instruction (on non scheduled school dates such as Fast Friday). All schools include track time after the school. Students have lunch provided in the Clubhouse. You will receive a Full Throttle License that allows your participation in our MPH Track days and Guardrail Club Track days.  $100 can be applied to a 2014 Guardrail Club Driving Membership at the completion of your school and Track Day.

 You can receive more information about membership driving from George. 402-461-8031 or

Contact Natha at www.drivefullthrottle .com for School dates at MPH and MAM in 2014

 MPH-2013/14-Manual  GS101-Registration-2014



 Drivers from 8/3/13

Jon  Bob  Jake

Jon Bob Jake

Call George for Reservations. 402-461-8031 Drivers from 6/28/13 GS101 in Hot PitsDriversDriversDriversDrivers