What does being a qualified driver allow you to do at Motorsport Park Hastings?

You can do some of the following.

  1. You are qualified (Non-Members) to use the track on GR Club Track Days for a Fee.

  2. You are qualified to become a Guardrail Club Driving member

  3. You are qualifed to participate in our special events like the Viper Rendezvous, Mustang Roundup Club Race Time Trials, Enduro Races Corvette Days etc.

  4. You are qualifed to run in our Motorsport Mile AutoCross events.

  5. You are qualifed to rent the track for Private Track Days

How do I become a Qualified Driver?  Attend a Driving School

You will find it easier to register for and participate in our special events where you register on-line at mycustomevent.

When you register for an event at MPH on mycustomevent you will be asked questions about your driving experiences. You will either have enough experience or have a License to Drive on our Road Course or you might not. If you don’t then you will be required to attend one in advance of the event or at the event to become Qualified to drive with others. It’s not unusual to have 20+ cars on the track during sessions and you must understand how to safely participate.

At MPH a Qualified driver is one that has completed our MPH HPDE Driving School in the last year. Has Completed our Track Guys School in the last year or has Completed a GS101 Full Throttle School from Natha’s Group . Has recently participated in a Two or Three Track day event at MPH.


  • Has recently completed a  Road Course Driving School by another Certified School specializing in Road Course Open Track Skills.

  • Has a NASA  SCCA PCA RMVR or other approved Sanctioning Body Competition License

  • Significate experience at multiple Road Course Tracks and/or lots of Track days on Road Courses participating with large groups. 

If you’re not sure if you need School instruction you may call George at 402-461-8031 or email at ganderson68901@gmail.com in advance of the date you want to participate.

We have Driving Schools available during the Race Season.